Описание университета

Saint-Petersburg Branch of the Russian Customs Academy named after V.B. Bobkov was founded in 1994 (St. Petersburg). The Academy implements the preparation of students and trainees according to the Higher education curricula in the following fields: «Customs», «Economics», «Management», «Legal studies». Graduate students training is stipulated by Master’s Degree curricula: Economics (Master’s Degree curriculum « Economics »), Management (Master’s Degree curriculum «Customs Service Management»), and Legal studies (Master’s Degree curriculum «Penal, legislative and criminological aspects of crime in the area of Customs law. The training is carried out in different forms – full time tuition, intra-extramural form of education and evening-time education. Financing of the education is provided both from federal budget resources and contractually. Both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners may enter the Branch. Training is performed for Customs authorities of the СIS countries according to the intergovernmental agreement. About 200 foreign students are studying at the Branch presently. The education process is carried on in Russian. Students acquire knowledge in Customs institutional and management area, economics, law enforcement and research areas. At the Branch today there are: - 4 faculties: Advanced Training faculty, faculty of economics, law faculty, customs faculty; - 16 sub-faculties (chairs): management, customs economics, chair of State and Law, civil law, criminal and legal disciplines, customs control management, customs information technology, humanitarian studies, physical training, foreign languages, commodity science and customs expertise, administrative and customs law, customs control technical means and criminal science, international economic relation, customs management, legal support of international business. The educational and research potential of the Branch is very high: there are 17 Doctors of Science, 85 Doctors of Philosophy, i.e. 76% of academic staff have scientific degree. The implementation of modern IT technologies is paid great attention to, for example, MOODLE (interactive educational software) was created at the Branch and it is used actively now. More than 450 courses are presented in it. In 2012 the Branch won the 2nd prize in the nomination "The Best Solution of T-Learning in Higher Education Institutions and Training Centers" in the international competition (Moscow). The branch possesses the most modern material and technical facilities for implementation of educational process (30 computer classes, various laboratories and the centers of customs profile). Research activity is one of the major directions in the process of education and training. Scientific and practical conferences, including ones at the national level, are constantly held in the branch. Students of the Branch participate in the international scientific and educational conferences and seminars; the exhibitions are organized both by the Branch and other organizations. Students participate in scientific works contest. The most significant research works of students are published in the branch digest. Along with continuous improvement of educational process, increase of its quality and introduction of modern information technologies in the branch, the necessary conditions for realization of each student’s potential in the sphere of creative work, sports and cultural activities are developed. Information about the Academy is placed on the web-site: www.spbrca.ru.


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