Описание университета

State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education “Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University” of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation was founded in November , 1918. Rector – Igor E. Esaulenko, MD, Professor Voronezh Medical University is licensed to provide medical training in various courses and degrees: Bachelor, Specialty (Undergraduate and Graduate courses), Residency, Postgraduate Research course, Postgraduate Professional course, vocational training (secondary education courses). There are 6500 students in Voronezh Medical University including more than 600 international students. The University has had a long and successful history of international medical training. Voronezh Medical University comprises 77 departments with more than 800 staff members. The latter include 149 staff members with Doctoral degree, 91 Professors, 525 staff members with Candidate degree. involve 5 study buildings, 29 department at clinical hospitals, 5 residence halls, technical and science laboratories, computer rooms, Central Research Lab, 6 Research Institutes, medical library with 700 000 books in store, a dining hall and Academic Sports Centre. Voronezh Medical University is widely known as a leading training and research centre providing high-quality medical education and conducting advanced medical biological and pharmaceutical studies. The University has taken place in the TOP TEN medical universities of Russian Federation. Since its foundation Voronezh Medical University has trained 40 000 medical practitioners including international doctors from 63 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.


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