Описание университета

TSU is a fully accredited state university. Graduates of Tomsk State University rank highly both in Russia and abroad. At TSU great attention is paid to using modern achievements in science and technology, and the advanced methods of teaching. For this reason the university possesses considerable technical and technological facilities, as well as a professional staff. The university students are involved in recent scientific research, and in developing and implementing totally new technologies in the industrial sphere. With the development of telecommunications and the establishment of the Institution of Distance Learning university students have the opportunity to study abroad and receive diplomas. Business contacts have been established with the California State University and the Ohio State University. The TSU scientific library is one of the few libraries to possess a completely automated information search system. The Internet makes access to leading world libraries, universities and foundations even easier.The US Information Agency and other international organizations assisted the university to develop a system of training for international students through the participation in different joint educational and research projects, conducted together with the Council of Europe, the British Council, the German Association of Academic exchange and UNESCO. There is a multiple step system of education for foreign students at TSU. The first step involves studying the Russian Language in the Preparatory Department of the Department of Philology. At the end of this course students receive a certificate. These lessons are realized by highly qualified specialists, who themselves have undergone special training. The second step involves studying in the main departments of TSU. International students have an opportunity to study in a wide variety of fields: Physics and Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry and Biology, Philosophy and History, Law and Economy, Ecology and many others. The university offers several study schemes. After a four-year course you can receive a Bachelor's Degree, after studying for five years - a Specialist Diploma in the field (full university course). Having received a Bachelor's degree, you can enter the Masters course which is offered in a number British Councilof fields. The term of study at TSU is two years. At the same time, foreign students can continue their education in post-graduate and Doctorate studies. Apart from this, the university provides the opportunity to do an internship in the main fields, which may last from one to six months. Special agreements with a number of organizations exist, that help foreign students get their education here and with the full cooperation of the university. Full information about TSU's educational programs and courses you can find following the link http://inter.tsu.ru/en/studying-at-tsu


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