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RUSSIAN CUSTOMS ACADEMY The Russian Customs Academy is the head training, methodological, research, information and analysis center of the Federal Customs Service Russia. It`s the country`s first high educational and unique institution specialized in customs officers training, retraining and qualification improvement at various levels. The Academy consists of three branches (St. Petersburg branch, Rostov branch, Vladivostok branch), two institutions (the Institute of E-learning, retraining and qualification improvement, and the Institute of law enforcement), three faculties (the Faculty of Customs, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law), 25 sub-departments, departments for scientific researches, educational and academic affairs, social work. In 2014 the Academy makes the admission for training on educational programs: higher professional education on the specialties: “Customs affairs” (with the qualification “Specialist”, training period – 5 years), “Economics”, “Management” and “Jurisprudence” (with the qualification “Bachelor”, training period – 4 years; with the qualification “Master”, training period – 2 years); training of the highly qualified staff (postgraduate studies); additional professional education (specialists professional retraining and qualification improvement on the main educational programs of the Academy). There are full-time (on the basis of secondary (general) or secondary (vocational) education) and correspondence course (on the basis of secondary (general), secondary (vocational) education and higher professional education) forms of training. The bases of education are budget, targeted (on directions of customs authorities) and under the contractual (with the payment of training). The Academy is the base institute of the educational and methodical Association of universities (EMA) of education in the field of customs affairs that integrates 85 educational institutions including 2 foreign ones. The Academy trains staff for the foreign states, including the CIS countries. Nowadays more than 600 foreign students are trained at the Academy and its branches. The Concept of the modernization of the Russian Federation education is being realized in the Academy. The Concept was created on the base of the principles of the Bologna agreement – the education systems convergence and harmonization of the Europe countries to create unified European area of higher education. The Academy has Russian and international certificates of quality management system training in educational and scientific activities in the field of “Customs affairs” and carries out its work in accordance with the approved the quality policy. There was created a modern information and education center, the basis of which is the situation and analytical training center. It is a special organizational and technical union that includes 2 situation rooms, training modules “Customs”, “Customs post”, specialized laboratories and auditoriums. There was commissioned a new training and laboratory complex in 2011. It is equipped considering the modern educational technologies that include the computer classes, laboratories and language labs. Necessary social conditions for training and accommodation are created for the students. There is a medical health center with modern medical equipment in the Academy. For physical culture and sport there is the fitness center that includes: sport hall, gyms, and open core sports. One of the most important ways of the educational process improving in the Academy is using innovative methods and interactive forms of training that includes simulation of different situations, conducting business games, training sessions, brainstorming, round-table discussions, group discussions, video conferences, case studies and so on. Such technologies motivate students, help them to participate in the learning process actively, to consolidate previously learned material, to develop sustainable skills and build professional competence. The modern educational and material base helps to use the latest educational and information technologies, used for customs personnel training and recognized by foreign customs administrations, as ensuring the effectiveness of training activity. Information about the Academy is placed on the web-site: www.rta.customs.ru


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